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Celestia Renee Cox has played with characterization throughout her entire life, from dressing up and performing shows in the backyard, to being an active member in the theatre community, “the art of impersonation has always been fascinating” to her. Cox is currently in her fifth year of performing in Drag. Currently, Celestia performs 4-5 days/nights a week over the state of Virginia. You can typically find her at her home bar, Godfreys Va, or in Petersburg, Va where is hosts multiple events. Cox can also be found between the Nations Capital, Charlottesville, and Virginia Beach. When asked what one of her greatest entertainment moments were, she replied: “For me, being supported by today’s youth is so humbling and important because they get it. All they see is pretty figures and shining, confident personalities...If I can empower other people to have confidence in themselves and forget about the madness of the world today for the duration that they are in my presence, then I am doing my job. Life is far too short to not have fun.” Last year, Celestia traveled to Orlando, Florida to compete for the National title of Miss Gay Days. Out of a lineup of national title-holding competitors, Celestia placed First Alternate. She is currently fundraising to compete again this summer. 

Celestia has previously worked with The Trevor Project (https://www.thetrevorproject.org) providing crisis intervention for LGBTQ+ youth aged 13-24. The past two years, Celestia stated: “I’ve worked hand in hand with the Children's Hospital at VCU to raise almost 900 new books to brighten children's faces.” Currently, Celestia works with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention(https://afsp.org). To date, she has raised over $3,000 for the foundation. 

When asked for a quote that represents how you live your life, Cox stated “To see a better tomorrow, we must start today.”

In cities near you!

In cities near you!

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